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Based out of Quesada, Spain but born in Temse, Belgium, electronic music producer BOSSTA’s ability to maneuver between genres while keeping grooves locked has been a hallmark feature of his production style and sound. For him, his music isn’t a “one style fits all” affair, but more of an endless discovery of finding what works on the dancefloor. The result is a concoction of weighty, rolling grooves and acid sounds, with splashes of influence from old school house, retro, and even old school Pop. He also draws inspiration from old school Belgian clubs like Illusion and Carat, who helped pave the way for electronic music for Belgium. BOSSTA’s style, while diverse in nature, is done with an ‘on the fly’ approach in mind. Each track is produced entirely with hardware, from the ground up.
BOSSTA began producing in 2005, an honest hobby that has effortlessly evolved into a full-blown career. Though for him, it’s far from ever feeling like “work”. BOSSTA does it for the love of the artform, and his passion for seeing people enjoy themselves on the dancefloor.

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